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Role Model

Modeling Industry mentorship, guidance and support consultations

  • 1 hour
  • 222 US dollars
  • Face-time Call

Service Description

It is important to me to invest in the well-being and self improvement in our youth. Building confidence and self esteem is a key factor to leadership and personal success. I have always been passionate about raising our youth into personal awareness and their higher self. My goal is to achieve that in mentorship and as a role model. I can relate to the youth, especially young girls because I was once that little girl, seeking guidance, and a role model wishing for a big sister I could trust My role is to provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, advice and of course “role modeling”. I am committed to fostering a relationship, be an active listening, and to help them take responsibility for their growth & development. Providing encouragement, honesty, and constructive feedback My hope is to help through conflicts in caring ways, invite discussions on differences, encourage, and assist through self improvement and personal development. I will alo be able to assist in other key attibutes into the industry if needed such as - Understanding Industry Language - Do’s and Don’t of industry standards - Advice from an Industry Veteran - Provide Image evaluation for submission - Etc…

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