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Model Mommy Foundation founder, Tia Alexander, has been a thriving model for 20 years. As a veteran in the industry, she recognized the need for mentorship, guidance and support, not only for talented youth, but their parents as well. Although she ultimately managed to build a lucrative career, having to navigate the industry alone was daunting. If given the resources Model Mommy seeks to provide, Tia understands that she may have been able to accomplish more without the hard-knocks approach she was forced to take. 


It is her patience, understanding and genuine love for kids that allows her to provide spirituality-based training, resources and coaching. So, helping her son pursue a career in entertainment was no exception.


At the tender age of 3, Tia decided to get her son, Alexander, started in entertainment. It would give her the freedom to explore the world with him and the opportunity to work alongside her pride and joy. She wanted a different experience for him – an opportunity to see the world and yearn for something greater than the American dream.  Acting as a momager to Alexander gave her insight into the challenges children may encounter on their journey to greatness, not just in entertainment, but all areas of life. Giving him the benefit of her experience, Alexander is now a thriving model and actor who has only just begun.

The Model Mommy Foundation is a non-profit organization that functions based on charitable donations and grant funding. Tia wanted to ensure that her services were available to those who truly desired them despite their economic status. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, or if you know someone that might benefit from her services, please contact us.

"The proclaimed “baby whisperer” has a way with children that is rare. She is able to connect with them on a level many parents only dream of. "

-Miriam Brown

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